Masthead Image: The Knights of Columbus

Our Program Officers

Program Director
Paul N Desroches
(Program Director)
Faith Director
Curtis W Moran
(Faith Director)
Vocations Chairman
Joseph P Denis
(Vocations Chairman)
Community Director
Paul N Desroches
(Community Director)
Life Director
Joseph C Coyle
(Life Director)
Health Service
Nicholas J Craolici
(Health Service)
Public Relations
James Dominic Peloso
(Public Relations)
Family Director
Kennan L Ryan
(Family Director)
Membership Director
Vincent G Calosso
(Membership Director)
Recruitment Committee 1
Curtis P Bourdage
(Recruitment Committee 1)
Recruitment Committee 2
Michael A Diaz
(Recruitment Committee 2)
Recruitment Committee 3
Frank Gerbes
(Recruitment Committee 3)
Retention Chairman
Richard J Irons
(Retention Chairman)
Insurance Promotion
Daniel T Keennan
(Insurance Promotion)