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Council #444 News

Important Notice from the Family Life/Respect Life Office - Archdiocese of New York

The issue of health care reform has reached a critical stage. Bills are being drafted by committees in the Senate and a bill has been passed by a committee in the House. Both houses of Congress will soon begin debating the bills, and the President is urging Congress to act within the next few weeks.

It is vital that we let our representatives know about two of our most significant concerns about this legislation:

•  Abortion should not be paid for by taxpayer dollars or included as a mandatory feature of health insurance.

•  The right to conscience of health care professionals and institutions must be respected.

Please contact your Congressional representatives immediately about this important debate. The quickest and most effective way would be to email your representative through the National Committee for a Human Life Amendment Action Center, http://www.nchla.org/actiondisplay.asp?ID=276. Please also write and call your representatives as well.

For more background information about this issue, please read the letter from Bishop William Murphy to Congress, which sets forth the positions of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. We also have information and materials available at our website, http://www.flrl.org/HealthCareReform.htm, including bulletin inserts and bulletin blurbs.